What we do for you

FUNDTASTIC offers you a safe and effortless way to raise money. We do the hard work so you can maximise your results while reducing the efforts of your staff, volunteers and resources.

Our aim to make fundraising low cost, low risk and low effort by offering schools and community organisations an online source for sales, raffles and donations.

We look forward to partnering with your school, community club or organisation to create a unique online fundraising sale that meets your needs, in your community.

Benefits For You

You can choose the structure of the fundraiser to suit your purposes, this allows you to support either one goal or have multiple end uses for your money. We can record and credit each situation accurately.

Convenience and safety

No door to door knocking or handling of products or money. It is a safe and easy option for children and time-poor parents, teachers and office staff.


Customise your fundraiser by selecting the time frame and products to optimise and method of fundraising through raffles, online sales and donations.

No financial commitment

No set up fees or on-going transactional costs. No up-front payment on goods or commitment to set quantities.


We provide you a system generated report from the start to end of your fundraiser; including commission and sales reporting for your relevant groups.

Easy promotion

We provide you with the URL for your organisation's fundraiser; all you have to do is promote this within your community networks - such as newsletters, organisation website and other promotional channels you already use.